Best Tyres for Regular Commute and off-roading in India

We all use tyres and are always in search of a comprehensive guide that contains details of best tyres for car, best tyres for the bike, the best tyres in India, and the best tyres brand. Therefore to assist you in getting details of all tyres at a place, we have come up with a comprehensive guide on best tyres for regular commute and off-roading in India. But before going in detail, lets first understand basic terminologies related to tyre.


Overview of tyre

A tyre is a ring that is used as a wheel in a vehicle. It holds the weight of the vehicle. It is fitted in the wheel rim of the car to provide it with a proper and fast movement. It is inflated, which prevents the car from shock.

The design present on the tyres offers an adequate grip for the vehicle on the road. Tyres are used not only on automobiles like cars, bicycles, scooters, but they are also used in non-automotive like carts, wheelbarrows, etc.

Pressure of Tyre

The pressure in the tyres is made by filling compressed air inside the tyre. It is for the safety of the vehicle. It helps in reducing the future expense of the vehicle. The air in the tyre must be checked regularly to ensure its safety. It also helps in increasing performance.

In a study, it was found that correctly inflated tyres make for less stopping distance. It is 6% less than deflated tyres. Deflated tyres can also quickly wear out, which can be very dangerous for the vehicle as well as the people inside it as the deflated tyres have a higher chance of accidents.

Composition of Tyre:

The tyres can be made either from synthetic rubber or natural rubber. Also, the components of the tyre consist of fabric and wire to support flexibility. Many chemical compounds are used in the making of the tyre and to maintain its rigidity.

Best Tyres in India:

There are various types of tyres in India. So choosing the best tyre for the car in India is not an easy task. We have created a comprehensive list of the best tyres for cars. You can select any of the tyres and have a smooth driving experience.


Bridgestone TURANZAIt gives a superior experience as it is not at all noisy and provides you a quiet ride. It is designed in a way that it can handle wet surfaces very well. It helps in good griping while driving on a damp road. The grip makes it safe and also reduces the chances of accidents.

Goodyear GT3

It is the best tyre for cars in India as it has excellent stability, and it can withstand rugged surfaces. It has an excellent grip, which makes it reliable for long rides. It is very economical as it absorbs very little fuel power, which pleases the owner.


It provides a comfortable ride with an excellent grip because it is made with an all-season tread compound. It is made from computerized pitch design, which makes the tyres less noisy and provides you with a quiet ride. It has a long life so that you don’t have to buy a tyre frequently. It can withstand rugged surfaces with its excellent grip.

Michelin Primacy

It has an excellent braking performance, which helps in driving on wet surfaces. It provides a comfortable ride with its no-noise feature. It is the best tyres for cars as it offers high performance and efficiency and it comes with five years warranty.

Apollo Amazer 4G

It is compatible with several models of cars. It has a high life expectancy and has two years warranty.

JK Vectra

It comes with an automatic balance indicator, which helps you maintaining balance while driving. It is fire-resistant, which reduces the chances of accidents. It is designed in a way that makes it stable, and it can control the vehicle to maintain stability. It is very fast and also can carry a considerable load at high speed.


It has minimal noise, which keeps both the driver and the passengers happy. It is designed in a way that it has a self-cleaning feature, and also its sidewalls protect it from cuts and damages. It has an excellent grip and can withstand rugged surfaces.

Maxxis MA-P1

It has excellent compatibility with several models. It can withstand any type of roads and surfaces as it is designed uniquely. It comes with a spiral jointless nylon cap, which helps in the long life of the tyre.
Best Tyre Brands:

Almost all of us have this fundamental question – which brand of TYRE is best? We are always in search of the best tyres brands for bikes and cars. We have accumulated a list of best tyre brands in India. Best tyre brands include:-


Michelin is a French tyre company that has established in the year 1889. It instantly got recognition because of its white, marshmallow-looking mascot. It is known as one of the top tyre brands across the world.

It offers a broad range of tyres from bicycles to jumbo jets. It is becoming world-famous because it has a reputation for using top-grade rubber to help deliver exceptional fuel economy in each tyre.

Michelin tyres are well-balanced in performance. It has incredible and has low-risk factors. It is one of the reasons we chose it as number one. It is said that tyres are the backbone of a tyre company. Michelin offers tyres that are included in the following as base –

  • Passenger
  • Truck/SUV
  • Commercial Trucks

Some of the best tyres of Michelin include:

  • Michelin defenders are for all season
  • Michelin Premier LTX for Highway
  • Michelin LTX A/T for all-terrain
  • Michelin primacy MXM4 to run flat
  • Michelin Latitude X-Ice for snow surface
  • Michelin Agilis for commercial vehicles

1. Goodyear:

Goodyear is one of the most trusted American tyre companies. It is another best tyre company and is ranked as the largest tyre manufacturer in the world. The name Goodyear has become synonymous with quality. They have iconic and close ties with NASCAR. These factors made Goodyear tyres to be one of the best tyre brands for professional racers.

It has excellent durability, and this is the reason why Goodyear is the preferred tyre for NASCAR. Racing Vehicles need to run at a speed of more than 200-mile per hour. And it requires the best tyres.

These tyres have been long praised for exceptional wear. Exceptional wear is the criterion based on the consumer reports on tread wear. Goodyear has maintained its reputation as one of the best tyre brands in the world for an excellent grip and outstanding responsive handling.

2. Continental:

Continental is one of the best tyre brands in the market. It is a Germany based company founded in the year 1871. For 150 years, it has been a trusted tyre manufacturing company for about every kind of passenger vehicle out there in the world. Continental brand’s tyres range from high-end sports cars to motorcycles.

This brand is well-known for providing some of the best car tyres. It is specialized in providing options for luxury vehicle brands such as BMW and Mercedes.

Continental is famous for offering a robust mix of handling and comfort. The pricing of the tyres of the brand is a bit lower compared to similar level tyre brands, which is an attraction based on the quality they offer.

3. BF Goodrich:

BF Goodrich is another top tyre brand that originated in America. It is famous for its tyres for more than 115 years. This brand is known for manufacturing the best car tyres to improve the driving experience.

BF Goodrich emphasizes mainly on car and truck or SUV tyre’s performance. This brand has earned its name as one of the top tyre companies for long rides.

This brand gives the drivers an incredible trustworthy product. The tyres of BF Goodrich can handle the toughest terrains and driving styles without failure because it has innovative designs that have been paired with uncompromised quality.

4. Bridgestone:

Bridgestone is one of the top tyre manufacturing companies. It is rooted in two different companies. First is the Firestone, which was founded in America in the year 1900. Second is Bridgestone that has established in Japan in the year 1931. The two companies merged in 1988.

It was established as the largest tyre and rubber manufacturing company in the world. This brand is famous for developing rayon cord tyres that changed the tyre industry forever. They have also introduced radial tyre construction.

Now, Bridgestone is ranked among the top tyre brands. It is considered as one of the most innovative manufacturers in the industry. Currently, The brand is working in the field of CO2 emission and using renewable resources for their products.

5. Cooper:

The Cooper Tyre company, founded in 1914, is considered as one of the top tyre brands of America. Their main objective is to provide a top-quality product at affordable costs. It specializes in making tyre patches, tyre cement, and repair kits.

Cooper logo has been one of the most recognizable symbols in the whole tyre industry throughout its existence. Cooper is famous in the industry for offering the latest technology and innovative product. Cooper always stands above when it comes to providing unique tyre designs that have value for money. The brand provides a lot of options for categories such as passenger and truck or SUV.

6. Falken:

Falken is a Japan-based company that was founded in the year 1983. It is one of the new names in the tyre making market. Falken has earned a quick reputation in the market by offering dependable and versatile products.

The roots of Falken is in the racing and motorsports industry. The brand feels proud of itself that it can bring high-speed capabilities and handling to drivers.

Falken has specialization in high-performance. Since its foundation, the brand has expanded itself and has provided touring tyres with the all-season capability. It also got success in maintaining performance qualities.

7. Pirelli:

Pirelli is famous in the world as one of the best tyre companies. The company was launched in Italy in the year 1872. Pirelli makes tyres for formula one racing cars. The company designs every single tyre line with lots of research and development.

Pirelli has also collaborated with luxury vehicle brands such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Maserati. It is enough to understand that every tyre is produced with the top quality materials and most innovative designs.

Pirelli earned its reputation by providing ultra-high performance tyre designs. The company has many years of experience. It is why it offers superior products for the most famous and well-known exotic vehicle brands.

8. Toyo:

Toyo is also one of the top tyre companies. It was discovered in the year 1945 in Japan. It produces superior quality at a mid-range price, and that has been a massive aspect of building the brand’s image. Toyo progressed into a chief corporation with options in everything, from passenger vehicles to commercial loading trucks.

Fun fact, Toyo is the first Japanese tyre company to launch its one division in America. They started selling their first product in North America. Toyo has some of the best-rated tyres with extended tread life.

9. Yokohama:

Yokohama is another top tyre brand to be founded in Japan. It was founded in the year 1917. Yokohama sells its product all over the world, and it can fit itself in a wide range of vehicles. Yokohama uses cutting-edge technology in its every product.

Yokohama has specialization in creating long-lasting tread to reduce rolling resistance. The tyre provides better fuel consumption and extends tread life. Each model is designed with pitch tread pattern technology. So drivers can experience a smooth and quiet ride.

Apart from having versatility in the design and durability of the product, you will also find Yokohama tyres on sport and racing vehicles, luxury cars, and everyday usable vehicles.

Are Michelin Tyres suitable for Indian roads?

Life is precious. When you are in a car, your tyre will decide whether you are going to live or die. If you are a traveller who drives the vehicle on all terrains, then Michelin tyre is not the right choice for you.

Michelin tyres are not friendly on Indian roads. You will see potholes everywhere in India. Potholes are not suitable for these tyres. So you need to choose a tyre according to the roads. Potholes are one of the reasons Michelin tyres are not ideal for the roads in India.

Which tubeless TYRE is best for the car in India?

1. Yokohama Tubeless Car Tyre Bluearth AE50 185/65 R15 88H:

Yokohama Tyre Manufacturing Company is the North American tyre company. The marketing arm of the company is from Tokyo. It is a global manufacturing and sales company of tyres which is based in Japan.

Yokohama tyres have a unique construction. It offers an excellent grip on the road. It gives premium comfort for users. It is specially designed for Indian roads.

Various vehicles are compatible with this tyre, such as Maruti Swift, Maruti Swift Dzire, Maruti Ertiga, Maruti Ciaz, Renault Lodgy, Hyundai i20 Active, Hyundai 4S Fluidic Verna, Honda Mobilio, Nissan Sunny, Renault Scala, etc.

Yokohama tyres are suitable for all seasons, and its unique construction provides the top level of durability and comfort.

2. Goodyear Ducaro Tubeless Car Tyre Ducaro Hi-Miler 145/80 R12 74T:

The Goodyear tyre and rubber company is an America-based multifunctional tyre manufacturing company.

The Goodyear tyres are available in 12 and 13-inch sizes. These are suitable for entry-level hatchback cars, and it scores high on functionality. These tyres are compatible with Maruti Alto 800 and Hyundai EON.

It offers various tremendous features such as high mileage on the tyre, superior grip, and enhanced durability.

The Ducato tubeless car tyres are suitable for all the conditions. It uses tread life technology to maximize the mileage of the tyre.

3. Apollo Tubeless Car Tyre AMAZER 3G MAXX 165/80 R14 85T:

Apollo Tyres LTD is the trusted name in the business of sales and manufacturing of tyres. The headquarters of apollo tyres is in Gurgaon, India. The company markets its product under the name of Apollo and Vredestein, which are two major global brands.

Its asymmetric tread pattern design helps in balancing on dry and wet surfaces. The tyre comes in 12, 13, 14-inch rim. It gives a comfortable performance with an impressive grip while improving fuel efficiency.

Apollo Tubeless car tyre contains tread noise performance. Its optimal gauges make a well-cushioned ride.

4. MRF ZVTV Tubeless Car Tyre ZVTV 165/70 R14 8S:

MRF is the Chennai based company. The company handles the manufacturing, distribution, and sales of the brand and exports its product to more than 65 countries.

It is optimized for excellent ride and comfort. It is specifically designed to meet global carmakers’ norms for high fuel and braking efficiency.

There are so many 4-wheelers that are compatible to these tyres such as Maruti Suzuki, Celerio VXI, VXI AT, ZXI, ZXI OPT/ Renault, Pulse, Nissan, Micra XL, XE All models, Fiat, Panda 4X4, Punto, Skoda, Fabia/ Toyota, Aqua, Belta, Passo, Porte, Spade, Vitz and Yaris, Volkswagen.

The interlock buttons make it more durable. It offers a 5-year warranty with an extended tread life.

5. Kenda Tubeless Car Tyre KR23 155/70 R13 75T:

Kenda is the best option for those who want tubeless tyres but hate halting because of flat tyres. It has a unique design along with ridges. These ridges reduce tyre noise and improve the grip. The company has used high-quality rubber that has an excellent resistance to wear and tear.

The Kenda Tubeless car tyres are compatible with Hyundai, Eon Magna+ & Sportz, Santro Xing (all types), Santro Xing Old (all variants), Mahindra, E20 (all options), Chevrolet, Spark 1.0, LS, LT, PS/ DATSUN, Go (all models), Hyundai, Magna+, Sport, Santro (all models).

The feature of the tyre includes low noise, M, and S all-season tread compound. The tyres are ISI approved and BIS marked. It offers a 5-year manufacturing warranty.

6. JK Ultima Tubeless Car Tyre XP 145/80 R12 74T:

JK Tyres And Industries Limited is a leading tyre manufacturing and sales company in India. It is the only brand of India to be included in the list of a super brand in 2017.

JK tyres have high-tech designs. It comes with improved shape and has a longer life. It also includes high strength and exceptional durability. JK tyres are compatible with Maruti Omni, and Zen LX (2000).

The main features of the tyre are it has low noise and uniform wear. It has tread block optimization along with longer life and best durability. The tyre has a four-year warranty.

7. CEAT Milaze Tubeless Car Tyre- Milaze X3 145/80 R12 74T

CEAT is one of the leading tyre manufacturing and sales company in India. It has also made its presence in the global market.

Ceat Milaze X3 offers long tread life and excellent performance. Its innovative tread compound minimizes the tread wear. It also provides a confident ride in the wet and dry grip.

If you want to improve mileage, the high rubber content will help you in the uniform wearing of the tyre. It has a wide circumferential groove that makes the wet grip and braking superior. It also has rigid shoulder blocks. This block offers a better road grip and stability.

The life of the tyre is long. It is compatible with dry and wet surfaces. It is the only tyre that lasts up to 100KM.


A good set of tyres is a must if you want to go out on the Indian roads. When you are looking for the top tyre brands and figuring out how to choose the best ones, there are various elements to look for. First thing you need to understand that the best set of tyres for you might be different than everyone else. It all depends on the preference of an individual. Before selecting it, do not forget to check the brand rating. Also, compare the reviews to your list of driving priorities.

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