Blue Earth – AE50

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Blue Earth – AE50


  • Modified nano BLEND compound

– Increase orange oil and embrace twofold silica.

  • Effective Asymmetric, New Silent Design

– Adopt tread example and development appropriate for overwhelming traveler autos and decrease the weight at the same time.

– New Silent Design keeping quiet in the wake of wearing.

  • Streamlined features

– Not just to decrease moving protection of tire itself yet additionally we intend to diminish the fuel utilization of tire on the auto.


  • Fuel-productive tires with higher security execution

– Stop before two autos (versus EP400)

  • Numerous execution

– Stable mobility for overwhelming traveler autos

– Fuel Saving, Wet GRIP and Long, mileage are enhanced to the best adjust

  • Give invitingness to condition and human/culture

– Reduce Pass by commotion (outer clamor)

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