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The price of Bridgestone Tyres varies when we talk about all the products on the market. Bridgestone B250 (Set of 4) 4 Wheeler Tyre priced at Rs. 20,948 is the most expensive product. Contrarily to this, Bridgestone B290 4 Wheeler Tyre(135/70R12, Tube Less) is the lowest priced product available at Rs.2,685. This price variance offers online shoppers a variety of inexpensive to premium products to choose from. Online prices are valid for online purchases in all major cities such as Mumbai, New Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Pune, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Chandigarh, Ahmedabad, NCR, etc.

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Bridgestone Car Tyre Price list

When we talk about all the Bridgestone Car Tyre products being offered in the market. BRIDGESTONE POTENZA S001 (Set of 4) 4 Wheeler Tyre priced at Rs. 28,335. Contrary to this, the lowest priced product is BRIDGESTONE B290 available at Rs.2,050.

Bridgestone Car Tyre Price List – ₹2,050/- to ₹28,335/-


Tyre ModelTyre SizeTyre Price
B290 - TL135/70 R12₹2050
FIRESTONE FR500 - TL145/70 R12₹2350
S322 - TT145/70 R12₹2430
FIRESTONE FR500 - TL 145/80 R12₹2450
B290 - TL 155/65 R12₹2500
S248 - TT 145/80 R12₹2500
TURANZA AR20 - TL 145/80 R12₹2500
B290 - TL 145/80 R12₹2500
FIRESTONE FR500 - TL 145/70 R13₹2700
TURANZA ER60 - TL145/80 R12 74H₹2700
S322 - TT145/70 R13 71S₹2700
TURANZA AR20 - TL145/70 R13 71H₹2800
B290 - TL145/70 R13 71T₹2800
FIRESTONE FR500155/70 R13 82T₹2800
FIRESTONE FR500155/65 R14 75T₹2800
FIRESTONE FR500155/65 R13 73T₹2850
FIRESTONE FR500155/80 R13 79T₹2850
POTENZA GIII - TL165/60 R12₹2870
B290 - TL145/80 R13 75T₹2875
S248 - TT165/80 R14 81S₹2933
FIRESTONE FR500 -165/65 R13 77T₹3000
FIRESTONE FR500 -165/70 R14 81T₹3000
B290 - TL165/70 R14 81T₹3000
FIRESTONE FR500155/70 R13 75T₹3000
FIRESTONE FR500165/80 R14 85T₹3000
B290 - TL155/65 R14 75T₹3050
TURANZA ER60 - TL145/70 R13 71H₹3050
ECOPIA EP150 - TL145/70 R13 71T₹3050
B290 - TL165/65 R13 77T₹3150
FIRESTONE FR500155/70 R14 77T₹3150
TURANZA AR20 - TL165/70 R14 81H₹3200
TURANZA AR20 - TL155/70 R13 75H₹3200
B290 - TL155/65 R13 73T₹3200
S322 - TT155/70 R13 75S₹3200
B250 - TL155/70 R13 75T₹3200
B290 - TL155/70 R13 75T₹3200
TURANZA AR20 - TL155/65 R13 73H₹3200
B290 - TL155/70 R14 77T₹3200
S32 - TT155/65 R13 73S₹3200
S322 - TT165/65 R13 77T₹3250
TURANZA AR20 - TL155/65 R14 75H₹3275
TURANZA ER60 - TL155/65 R13 73H₹3280
ECOPIA EP150 - TL155/70 R13 71T₹3300
S248 - TT155/80 R14 81S₹3300
POTENZA GIII - TL165/60 R13 73H₹3315
ECOPIA EP150 - TL165/80 R14 85T₹3350
TURANZA ER60 - TL155/70 R13 75H₹3360
S248 - TL165/80 R14 85T₹3375
B290 - TL155/80 R13 79T₹3400
TURANZA AR20 - TL165/80 R14 85H₹3400
S248 - TT165/80 R14 85T₹3400
TURANZA AR20 - TL155/80 R13 79H₹3400
TURANZA ER60 - TL165/65 R13 77H₹3400
B290 - TL165/80 R14 85T₹3400
TURANZA AR20 - TL165/65 R13 77H₹3400
B250 - TL155/80 R13 79T₹3400
S248 - TT155/80 R13 79S₹3400
MY02 SPORTY STYLE - T165/60 R13₹3410
TURANZA AR20 - TL145/80 R13 75H₹3425
B250 - TL165/65 R13 77T₹3450
MY02 SPORTY STYLE175/60 R13 77H₹3455
TURANZA AR20 - TL155/70 R14 77H₹3500
POTENZA GIII - TL175/60 R13 77H₹3555
B800165/80 R15 87S - TT₹3600
MY02 SPORTY STYLE - T195/65 R14₹3600
ECOPIA EP150 - TL155/80 R13 79T₹3700
L607 - TT155 R13 LT 90Q₹3700
L607 - TT155 R13 LT 89Q₹3700
TURANZA ER60 - TL155/80 R13 79H₹3750
FIRESTONE FR500185/70 R14 88H₹3800
S322 - TT165/65 R14 79T₹3800
FIRESTONE FR500165/65 R14 79T₹3850
S322 - TT175/70 R13 82S₹3900
TURANZA AR20 - TL175/70 R13 82H₹3900
B250 - TL175/70 R13 82H₹3911
POTENZA GIII - TL195/60 R13 84H₹3915
FIRESTONE FR500175/70 R14 84T₹4000
FIRESTONE FR500185/65 R14 86H₹4000
B250 - TL175/70 R13 82S₹4075
S248 - TT165/80 R13 83S₹4135
FIRESTONE FR500175/65 R14 82T₹4150
B250 - TL185/65 R14 86H₹4150
B290 - TL175/70 R13 82T₹4200
B250 - TL175/70 R14 84T₹4250
B290 - TL185/70 R14 88T₹4250
TURANZA ER60 - TL175/70 R13 82H₹4280
B290 - TL175/65 R14 82T₹4300
B290 - TL185/65 R14 86T₹4300
TURANZA ER60 - TL185/70 R14 88H₹4300
ECOPIA EP150 - TL185/65 R14₹4350
B250 - TL175/65 R14 82T₹4350
TURANZA AR20 - TL185/65 R14 86H₹4400
TURANZA AR20 - TL175/65 R14 82H₹4400
B290 - TL175/70 R14 84T₹4400
S322 - TT175/65 R14 82T₹4400
ECOPIA EP150 - TL185/70 R14 88T₹4400
TURANZA AR20 - TL185/70 R14 88H₹4400
ECOPIA EP100A - TL185/65 R14₹4444
B250 - TL175/70 R14 84H₹4450
TURANZA ER300 - T185/60 R14 82H₹4450
FIRESTONE FR500185/60 R15 84T₹4450
POTENZA GIII - TL205/60 R14 89H₹4460
MY02 SPORTY STYLE185/70 R14 88H₹4470
ECOPIA EP100A - T195/60 R15 88H₹4500
TURANZA AR20 - TL175/70 R14 84H₹4500
ECOPIA EP150 - TL175/65 R14 82T₹4500
FIRESTONE FR500175/65 R15 84T₹4500
MY02 SPORTY STYLE205/60 R14 88H₹4550
POTENZA GIII - TL205/60 R13 87H₹4575
B250 - TL185/60 R15 84T₹4575
ECOPIA EP150 - TL185/60 R15₹4585
ECOPIA EP150 - TL185/60 R15 84T₹4585
B290 - TL175/65 R15 84T₹4600
POTENZA GIII - TL185/70 R14 88H₹4600
FIRESTONE FR500185/65 R15 88T₹4650
B250 - TL175/65 R14 82H₹4650
MY02 SPORTY STYLE185/65 R14 86H₹4650
B290 - TL185/60 R15 84T₹4700
B290 - TL185/65 R15 88T₹4700
B250 - TL185/65 R15 88H₹4700
B250 - TL175/65 R15 87H₹4700
TURANZA AR20 - TL175/65 R15 84H₹4700
POTENZA GIII - TL185/65 R14 86H₹4750
B250 - TL185/70 R14₹4750
S248 - TT175/80 R13 86S₹4750
ECOPIA EP150 - TL175/65 R15₹4750
POTENZA GIII - TL185/60 R14 82H₹4750
ECOPIA EP100A - TL185/60 R15₹4756
TURANZA ER60 - TL175/65 R14 82H₹4790
MY02 SPORTY STYLE185/60 R14 82H₹4795
MY02 SPORTY STYLE195/55 R15 85V₹4800
TURANZA ER300 - T185/60 R15 84H₹4850
FIRESTONE FR500195/60 R15 88H₹4850
ECOPIA EP100A - TL175/65 R15₹4889
TURANZA ER60 - TL175/65 R15 84H₹4900
TURANZA ER60 - TL185/70 R13 86H₹4900
ECOPIA EP150 - TL195/60 R15 88H₹4900
POTENZA GIII - TL185/70 R13 86H₹4925
ECOPIA EP100A - TL175/65 R14₹4933
POTENZA RE88 - TL195/70 R14 95H₹4950
MY02 SPORTY STYLE - T185/70 R13₹5050
B290 - TL195/60 R15 88T₹5075
POTENZA GIII - TL175/65 R14 82H₹5080
TURANZA ER60 - TL195/70 R14 91H₹5100
ECOPIA EP100A - T195/65 R15 91H₹5100
ECOPIA EP150 - TL195/65 R15 91H₹5115
TURANZA ER60 - TL195/60 R15 88H₹5150
L607175 R14 C 94Q (6P), - TT₹5150
L607175 R14 C 96Q (6P), - TT₹5150
TURANZA AR20 - TL195/70 R14 91H₹5150
TURANZA AR20 - TL185/65 R15 88V₹5150
MY02 SPORTY STYLE - T195/60 R14₹5170
FIRESTONE FR500 -195/65 R15 91T₹5200
POTENZA RE88 - TL195/60 R15 88V₹5200
TURANZA AR20 - TL195/60 R15 88H₹5200
ECOPIA EP150 - TL205/65 R15 94T₹5200
B250 - TL195/65 R15 91H₹5300
PREMIUM CAB - TL205/65 R15 99S₹5300
PREMIUM CAB - TT205/65 R15 99S₹5300
MY02 SPORTY STYLE195/60 R15 88V₹5350
POTENZA GIII - TL195/55 R15 85V₹5350
TURANZA ER60 - TL195/60 R14 86H₹5400
B290 - TL175/60 R15 81T₹5400
B250 - TL175/60 R15 81H₹5475
B390 - TL205/65 R15 94S₹5500
B390 - TL205/65 R15 94H₹5500
ECOPIA EP100A - T205/55 R16 91V₹5500
B390 - TT205/65 R15 94H₹5500
POTENZA GIII - TL195/60 R15 88H₹5510
TURANZA AR20 - TL175/60 R15 81H₹5550
TURANZA ER300 - T195/65 R15 91H₹5600
FIRESTONE FR500205/65 R15 94T₹5600
POTENZA GIII - TL195/60 R14 86H₹5690
B390 - TT205/65 R16 95H₹5770
MY02 SPORTY STYLE195/65 R15 91V₹5785
PREMIUM CAB - TT215/75 R15 106S₹5800
PREMIUM CAB - TT235/75 R15 105S₹5800
POTENZA GIII - TL195/65 R15 91H₹5950
DUELER D689 - TT195 R15 LT 105Q₹6000
MY02 SPORTY STYLE205/60 R15 91V₹6120
FIRESTONE FR500205/60 R16 92H₹6150
TURANZA AR20 - TL205/65 R15 94H₹6200
DUELER D689 - TT195 R15 LT 106Q₹6330
TURANZA ER60 - TL205/65 R15 94H₹6330
DUELER D689 - TL215/75 R15 100S₹6430
TURANZA T001 - TL195/65 R15 91H₹6447
DUELER D689 - TT215/75 R15 100S₹6500
DUELER A/T 693 II215/75 R15 100S₹6500
DUELER D689 - TT215/75 R15 100Q₹6580
DUELER D689 - TT215/75 R15 106Q₹6580
DUELER D689 - TT215/75 R15 103Q₹6580
DUELER D689 - TT215/75 R15 97Q₹6580
PREMIUM CAB - TL235/70 R16 105S₹6700
PREMIUM CAB - TT235/70 R16 105S₹6700
POTENZA GIII - TL205/60 R15 91H₹6920
B250 - TL195/55 R16₹6950
ECOPIA EP150 - TL205/55 R16 91V₹6990
B290 - TL195/55 R16 87T₹7000
POTENZA GIII - TL205/60 R16 92H₹7047
DUELER D689 - TT235/70 R16 105S₹7150
ECOPIA EP850 - T235/70 R16 106H₹7195
DUELER D689 - TL235/70 R16 105S₹7300
MY02 SPORTY STYLE205/55 R16 91V₹7350
POTENZA S001 - TL215/45 R17 91Y₹7420
DUELER D689 - TT235/75 R15 105S₹7500
DUELER D689 - TL235/75 R15 105S₹7500
TURANZA T001 - TL205/60 R16 92V₹7695
MY02 SPORTY STYLE195/55 R16 87V₹7750
B290 - TL205/55 R16 91T₹7800
DUELER D689 - TT235/70 R16 109S₹7850
ECOPIA EP850 - T245/70 R16 111H₹7870
POTENZA GIII - TL205/50 R15 86V₹8150
TURANZA T001 - TL205/55 R16 94W₹8170
ECOPIA EP100A - T215/60 R16 95H₹8178
ECOPIA EP850 - TL235/70 R16₹8378
TURANZA ER370 - T215/60 R16 95H₹8440
TURANZA T001 - TL225/60 R16 98W₹8540
DUELER D684 - TL215/65 R16 96T₹8670
DUELER H/L 683235/70 R16 104H₹8750
TURANZA T001 - TL215/60 R16 95V₹8860
MY02 SPORTY STYLE205/60 R16 92V₹8950
DUELER H/L 683265/70 R15 112H₹8970
DUELER D687 - TL215/60 R17 96H₹9000
TURANZA ER60 - TL225/60 R15 96H₹9090
DUELER D689 - TT215/65 R16 98H₹9138
POTENZA S001 - TL205/40 R17 84Y₹9325
ECOPIA EP850 - T255/65 R16 109H₹9450
TURANZA AR20 - TL225/60 R15 96H₹9500
TURANZA T001 - TL225/50 R16 92W₹9620
DUELER H/L 683245/70 R16 107H₹9630
POTENZA GIII - TL205/55 R16 91V₹9700
TURANZA T001 - TL215/55 R16 97W₹9810
TURANZA T001 - TL225/55 R16 99W₹9999
TURANZA GR90 - T215/60 R16 95V₹10100
POTENZA S001 - T225/50 R17 98Y₹10225
TURANZA GR90 - TL₹10500205/60 R16 92V
POTENZA S001225/55 R17 101Y₹10505
TURANZA T001 - T225/45 R17 94W₹10800
TURANZA GR90 - T205/55 R16 91V₹11000
DUELER H/P SPORT225/65 R17 102H₹11000
DUELER H/L 683255/65 R16 109H₹11200
DUELER H/L 683215/65 R16 98H₹11350
TURANZA GR90 - T215/55 R16 93V₹11650
DUELER H/L 683265/70 R16 112H₹11700
TURANZA GR90 - T225/55 R16 95V₹11700
ECOPIA EP850265/65 R17 112H₹11780
DUELER H/L 683265/65 R17 112H₹11800
TURANZA GR90 - T215/45 R17 87W₹12300
TURANZA GR90 - T225/60 R16 98W₹12300
POTENZA S001 - T235/45 R17 97Y₹12475
ECOPIA EP850235/65 R17 108H₹12660
TURANZA GR90 - T235/45 R17 94W₹13000
DUELER D684 - T235/65 R17 104H₹13060
POTENZA S001 - T245/45 R17 99Y₹13375
POTENZA S001 - T245/40 R17 91Y₹13950
TURANZA T001 -245/45 R18 100W₹14815
TURANZA GR90 - T235/55 R17 99W₹15700
TURANZA GR90 - T245/45 R17 95W₹16600
POTENZA S001 - T245/40 R18 97Y₹17055
DUELER H/P SPORT235/65 R17 108V₹19750
DUELER H/P SPORT255/55 R18 109Y₹20500
TURANZA GR90255/45 R18 103W₹21500
POTENZA S001 - T245/45 R19 98Y₹21570
DUELER H/P SPORT265/50 R19 110Y₹25310
DUELER H/P SPORT275/45 R20 110Y₹26200
POTENZA S001275/40 R19 105Y₹28335

Bridgestone Bike Tyre Price list

When we talk about all the Bridgestone Bike Tyre products being offered in the market. highest Price product is BRIDGESTONE Battlax S20 EVO Tyre is priced at Rs. 17,808.66. Contrary to this, the lowest priced product is BRIDGESTONE Exedra Max available at Rs.16,189.

Bridgestone Bike Tyre Price List – ₹16,189/- to ₹17,808.66/-

Tyre ModelTyre SizeTyre Price
Battlax S20 EVO120/70 R17₹17808.66
Battlax S20 EVO110/70 R17₹17808.66
Battlax Hypersport S21180/55 17₹33076
Battlax BT-45100/80H 18₹19000
Exedra Max130/90 R16₹16189
Exedra Max150/80 R16₹16189

Bridgestone Truck Tyre Price list

When we talk about all the Bridgestone Truck Tyre products being offered in the market. Bridgestone M751-HL (Set of 2) 4 Wheeler Tyre priced at Rs. 42,680. Contrary to this, the lowest priced product is Bridgestone M820 (Set of 2) 4 Wheeler Tyre Priced available at Rs.34,000.

Bridgestone Truck Tyre Price List – ₹34,000/- to ₹42,680/-

Tyre ModelTyre SizeTyre Price
Bridgestone M751-HL10.00-R20 20PR ₹42680(Set of 2)
Bridgestone R15310.00-R20 20PR ₹40520(Set of 2)
Bridgestone M82010.00-R20 ₹34000(Set of 2)


Bridgestone Corporation is known for their Manufacture of Automobile and truck spare parts. Bridgestone was founded by Shojiro Ishibashi on March 1, 1931. The company has headquarters in Tokyo, Kyobashi. The company holds 1,10,000 employees all over the world. Bridgestone products are sold in more than 100 countries and have 47 tyre manufacturing plants as well as 93 non-tyre manufacturing units across the globe. The company has 3 technical research and development centers. Bridgestone company supplies good quality tyres and other products for different vehicles, rubber products, automotive parts for vehicles and chemicals. Bridgestone tyres dealers are everywhere across the cities, people can purchase tyres and other Bridgestone products through Dealers. Bridgestone company supplies tyres to different automobile companies like Audi, Skoda, Hyundai, Chevrolet, BMW, and other Companies. Check BRIDGESTONE tyre price online in India and buy at the lowest price. Bridgestone sells Bike tyres, Car tyres, and Truck tyres. There are 778 Bridgestone tyres are available online for purchase. Bridgestone tyre price ranges from Rs.2150 to Rs.54400. Check for Bridgestone tyre price and buy Online at the Lowest price from

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