MRF Tyres Price

MRF offers 42 types of tyres for vehicles. The MRF ZEC, starting at Rs. 1,630, is the cheapest car tyre sold by MRF in India. The most expensive car tyre in the MRF portfolio is the MRF ZLO, which is priced at Rs. 32,080.

The MRF bike tyre range includes a complete range of performance motorcycle tyres, as well as commuter bike tyres. The specially designed MRF scooter tyres offer better wear and good wet traction. Buy MRF TYRES online in India at the lowest price. Find the best price for MRF four-wheeler and two-wheeler tyres. There are 837 MRF Tyres are available online for purchase. MRF tyre price ranges between Rs.1,499 to Rs.84,696

Price Range for MRF Tyres

The price of MRF Tyres varies as we speak about all the products on the market. The most expensive product is MRF ZCC (Set of 4) 4 Wheeler Tyre for a cost of Rs. 10,000. Contrary to this, MRF NYLO GRIP PLUS FE Tube Tyre is the lowest priced product available at Rs.1,550. This price variance offers online shoppers a variety of premium products to choose from. Online rates are valid for online purchases in all major cities such as Mumbai, New Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Pune, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Chandigarh, Ahmedabad, NCR, etc. Find the best price for MRF four-wheeler and two-Wheeler Tyres.

You can compare your selected tyre tread pattern with other available tyre brands before completing, along with customer reviews on Specific Tyre Pattern.

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MRF Car Tyres

From the iconic Honda sedan to the compact Maruti, MRF tyres, today they cater to all kinds of cars. There are a number of points right from the stuff you used to look at when you buy a tyre. MRF tires use the radial pattern, which is the trend adopted by automobiles in India.

In this type of tyre, the rubber units called cords are arranged in a tangential pattern.Total load is another important factor to consider when purchasing a tyre. For starters, the MRF ZV2 K 4-Wheeler tyre has a maximum load of 515 kg, making it a good purchase for cars such as Maruti Swift, Maruti Ritz, Toyota Etios and Indica Vista. tyre needs to have a good grip so that it provides the right amount of resistance to smooth movement. The layout of the tyre is key to this dimension

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Rs. 1,245.00 Rs. 1,900.00
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Rs. 2,150 Rs. 2,400
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Rs. 2,080 Rs. 2,999
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Rs. 1,949 Rs. 2,586
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MRF ZV2K Tyres

MRF ZV2K Tyres

Rs. 2,599.00 Rs. 3,000.00
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Rs. 2,550.00 Rs. 3,263.00
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Rs. 2,022.00 Rs. 2,400.00
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Rs. 4,980 Rs. 5,600
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Rs. 2,680 Rs. 2,900
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Rs. 5,400 Rs. 5,600
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Rs. 2,300 Rs. 3,000

MRF Truck Tyres

Good truck tyres, in this category, are strengthened with a good housing for higher road and improved re-treadability, together with a premium rubber compound for superior fuel economy. The conventional trawl design guarantees less trapping of stone, while the traditional trawl compound provides better stability under high load load conditions. The range of tyres includes MRF M 77, MRF Super Lug 505, MRF Super Miler 99, MRF The Lug Plus, MRF The Super Lug Plus, MRF Super Lug 707, MRF M Lug 555 D and MRF Super Lug 50 Plus R.

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MRF M-77 Tyres

MRF M-77 Tyres

Rs. 2,786 Rs. 5,849
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MRF S1R4 Tyres

MRF S1R4 Tyres

Rs. 2,643 Rs. 2,980
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MRF S1T4 Tyres

MRF S1T4 Tyres

Rs. 1,755 Rs. 3,779
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MRF Estate Tyres

MRF Estate Tyres

Rs. 1,940.00 Rs. 2,400.00
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MRF SW99 Tyres

MRF SW99 Tyres

Rs. 1,940.00 Rs. 2,400.00

MRF Bike Tyres

Choose from a wide range of MRF tubeless and tubeless tyres. Depending on the design of your bike and the year of production, you can choose either a tubeless tyre or a tubed tyre. Bike tyres, as well as car tyres, need to be tested on the material used, the aspect ratio and the nature of the tyres.

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MRF Revz Tyres

MRF Revz Tyres

Rs. 3,150 Rs. 3,200
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MRF Front Rib

MRF Front Rib

Rs. 1,450 Rs. 1,550
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MRF Rear Revz

MRF Rear Revz

Rs. 3,049 Rs. 4,600

MRF Car Tyres Price list

The MRF passenger car tyres are made using a high-quality polymer blend and have a sporty sidewall structure that, in addition to providing precise and sensitive handling, helps to improve stability under wet and dry conditions. When we talk about all the MRF Car tyre products being offered in the market. MRF ZVTV (Set of 4) 4 Wheeler Tyre priced at Rs. 19,150. Contrary to this, the lowest priced product is MRF NYLO GRIP PLUS FE Tube Tyre available at Rs.1,550.

MRF Car Tyre Price List – ₹1,550/- to ₹19,150/-

Tyre modelTyre SizeTyre price
PERFINZA CLX1 - TL195/65R15₹5990/-
PERFINZA CLY1 - TL245/45ZR17₹13475/-
PERFINZA CLY1 - TL245/45ZR18₹18200/-
PERFINZA CLX1 - TL205/55R16₹8340/-
PERFINZA CLX1 - TL195/60R15₹5870/-
PERFINZA CLX1 - TL225/45R17₹12215/-
PERFINZA CLX1 - TL205/60R16₹7785/-
ZLX - TL155/70R14₹3060/-
ZLX - TL155/80R13₹3160/-
ZLX - TL155/70R13₹3400/-
ZLX - TL155/65R13₹2785/-
ZLX - TL165/80R14₹3270/-
ZLX - TL145/80R12₹2380/-
ZLX - TL175/70R14₹4160/-
ZLX - TL175/65R14₹4490/-
ZLX - TL175/65R15₹4835/-
ZLX - TL145/80R13₹2745/-
ZLX - TL165/70R14₹2960/-
ZLX - TL185/60R15₹4875/-
ZLX - TL165/65R14₹3420/-
WANDERER SPORT - TL225/65R17₹9770/-
WANDERER SPORT - TL235/75R16₹9090/-
WANDERER - TL265/70R16₹7940/-
WANDERER SPORT - TL215/65R16₹8700/-
WANDERER SPORT - TL205/60R16₹7280/-
ZLO - TL225/55R16₹11560/-
ZLO - TL255/55R18₹21000/-
ZLO - TL215/55R16₹9790/-
ZLO - TL205/55R15₹5465/-
ZLO - TL205/65R15₹6090/-
ZLO - TL205/60R15₹5970/-
ZLO - TL195/55R15₹4855/-
ZLO - TL195/60R14₹4595/-
ZLO - TL275/40ZR19₹32080/-
ZLO - TL245/45ZR19₹28740/-
ZLO - TL245/45ZR18₹17850/-
ZLO - TL185/70R14₹4060/-
ZLO - TL225/55R17₹12115/-
ZLO - TL225/50ZR17₹11890/-
ZLO - TL235/55ZR17₹12880/-
ZVTV - TL195/55R16₹7130/-
ZVTV - TL165/70R14₹2605/-
ZVTV - TL165/65R14₹3225/-
ZVTV - TL185/65R15₹4505/-
ZVTV - TL185/65R15₹4500/-
ZVTV - TL185/65R15₹4535/-
ZVTV - TL185/60R15₹4470/-
ZVTV - TL185/60R15₹4415/-
ZVTV - TL175/70R14₹3945/-
ZVTV - TL175/70R14₹3945/-
ZVTV - TL175/65R15₹4750/-
ZVTV - TL185/60R15₹4485/-
ZVTV - TL205/65R16₹6800/-
ZV2K - TL225/60R15₹6675/-
WANDERER S/L - TL235/65R17₹12355/-
WANDERER A/T - TL235/65R17₹11180/-
WANDERER A/T - TT235/75R15₹7090/-
ZVRL - TL245/70R16₹8950/-
WANDERER A/T - TL235/70R16₹7210/-
WANDERER A/T - TL265/65R17₹11765/-
ZVRL - TL265/70R15₹9110/-
WANDERER A/T - TL265/60R18₹13190/-
WANDERER A/T - TL255/65R16₹7800/-
ZQT - TT185/85R16₹5040/-
MUSCLE MASTER - TT185/85R16₹5190/-
ZGP - TT215/75R15₹5625/-
WANDERER A/T - TT215/75R15₹6105/-
ZVT - TT215/75R15₹5575/-
WANDERER A/T - TT215/75R15₹6147/-
WANDERER A/T - TL215/75R15₹6110/-
MUSCLE MASTER - TT215/75R15₹5655/-
LT ZQT - TT215 R14₹7515/-
ZTX A1 - TL205/65R15₹5910/-
ZV2K - TL205/65R15₹5795/-
ZV2K - TT205/65R15₹5595/-
ZV2K - TL205/55R16₹7445/-
ZV2K - TL205/60R16₹7355/-
ZSPORT - TL205/55R15₹5885/-
ZV2K - TL195/65R15₹5105/-
ZQT - TT195/70R14₹4740/-
ZV2K - TL195/60R15₹5245/-
ZSLK - TL195/65R15₹6485/-
TWINTREAD - TT6.00-16₹3820/-
NDMS - TT6.00-16₹3790/-
BIGROVER - TT6.00-16₹4560/-
SUPERMILER - TT6.00-16₹4040/-
ZVTS - TL155/65R14₹2835/-
ZVTS - TL155/80R13₹2720/-
ZVTS - TT155/70R13₹3135/-
ZVTS - TL155/70R13₹2975/-
ZEC - TL155/65R12₹2110/-
ZEC - TL155/80R13₹2745/-
ZV2K - TL155/65R13₹2535/-
ZWYDE - TL155/70R12₹2390/-
ZV2K - TL155/65R13₹2545/-
ZTX - TL155/70R13₹2695/-
ZEC - TL135/70R12₹1630/-
ZVTS - TT165/80R15₹3405/-
ZTX A1 - TT165/65R13₹3225/-
ZTX A1 - TL165/65R13₹2755/-
ZSLK - TL165/80R14₹3725/-
LT MUSCLE MASTER - TL165/R14₹3655/-
ZV2K - TL165/80R14₹2845/-
ZTX - TT165/65R14₹3870/-
ZVTS - TL145/80R13₹2535/-
ZCT - TT145/80R12₹2510/-
ZCT - TL145/80R12₹2385/-
ZVTS - TT145/80R12₹2520/-
ZVTS - TL145/80R12₹2205/-
ZTX - TT145/80R12₹2420/-
ZCC - TT145/70R12₹2100/-
ZVTS - TT145/70R12₹2490/-
ZVTSM - TT145/70R13₹2515/-
ZVTS - TL145/70R13₹2365/-
ZVTS-F - TT175/70R13₹3775/-
ZWYDE - TL175/60R13₹2975/-
ZV2K - TL185/70R14₹4065/-
ZV2K - TL175/70R13₹3655/-
ZVTS-F - TT175/65R14₹4405/-
ZV2K - TL175/65R14₹4005/-
ZV2K - TL185/65R14₹4120/-
ZVTS A1 - TL185/65R14₹4060/-
S99 - TT4.50-12₹2165/-
SPERMILER 12 - TT4.50-12₹2320/-
ZSLK - TL155/70R13₹3325/-
ZSLK - TL175/65R14₹5040/-
ZSLK - TL175/70R13₹4240/-
ZV2K - TL175/65R14₹4050/-
ZTX - TL165/80R14₹2925/-
ZSLK - TL185/65R15₹4595/-
WANDERER S/L - TL235/55R19₹13615/-
MUSCLE MASTER - TL215/75R15₹5560/-
WANDERER O/R - TL235/70R16₹7950/-
MUSCLE MASTER UA-7R - TL175/70R14₹4145/-
ZTX A1 - TL155/80R13₹2805/-
ZSPORT - TL195/60R15₹5500/-
S99 N4 - TT5.65-12₹1985/-
LGEND N6 - TT5.65-12₹2075/-
SPERMILER 95 N8 - TT5.00-12₹2505/-
TINTREAD N6 - TT5.20-14₹2675/-
LEGEND CD N6 - TT5.20-14₹2810/-
SUPERTREKKER N6 - TT5.60-14₹2950/-
SUPERTREKKER N8 - TT6.40-15₹4430/-
LEGEND N6 - TT5.90-15₹3295/-
SUPERMILER 95 N8 - TT6.70-15₹4800/-
ESTATE N4 - TT78-15₹3940/-
ESTATE N6 - TT78-15₹4160/-
ZVTS A1 - TL145/80R12₹2205/-
WANDERER STREET - TL215/60R16₹8275/-
ZVTS - TL165/65R13₹2735/-
ZTX A1 - TT205/65R15₹5830/-
ZTX A1 - TL175/65R14₹4115/-

MRF Bike Tyres Price list

When we talk about all the MRF Bike tyre products being offered in the market. The most expensive product is MRF ZAPPER FS 52H(Tubeless) and the price of this tyre is Rs.2,475. Contrary to this, the lowest priced product is MRF ZAPPER FG Tube Tyre available at Rs.850.

MRF Bike Tyre Price List – ₹850/- to ₹2,475/-

Tyre modelTyre SizeTyre price
RIB PLUS - TT3.25-19₹ 1375/-
ZAPPER FM - TT90/90-19₹1750/-
ZAPPER FY1 - TL90/80-17₹1300/-
ZAPPER FS - TT90/90-17₹1475/-
REVZ FC1 - TL110/70 R17₹3125/-
ZAPPER FS - TL90/90-17₹1375/-
ZAPPER FY - TL110/70-17₹1600/-
ZAPPER FY 54 H - TL110/70-17₹1625/-
ZAPPER FS 1 - TL80/100-17₹1250/-
ZAPPER FS - TL80/100-18₹1325/-
ZAPPER FQ - TL80/100-17₹1250/-
ZAPPER FS - TL70/100-17₹1000/-
ZAPPER FQ - TL80/100-18₹1325/-
ZAPPER FY 2 - TL100/80-17₹1400/-
ZAPPER FS 52H - TL100/80-17₹2475/-
ZAPPER FQ - TL100/80-17₹1350/-
ZAPPER FX - TL100/80-17₹1425/-
ZAPPER FX 1 - TL100/80-17₹1425/-
ZAPPER FYM - TL100/80-17₹1400/-
RIB - TT2.75-17₹1175/-
ZAPPER FS - TT2.75-17₹1200/-
ZAPPER FM - TT2.75-18₹1300/-
RIB - TT2.75-18₹1325/-
ZAPPER RF - TT2.75-18₹1450/-
ZAPPER FS - TT2.75-18₹1350/-
MASSETER-FX - TL80/90-17₹1425/-
MASSETER-FX - TL80/90-18₹1425/-
ZAPPER FG - TL110/70-11₹1225/-
METEOR - TT110/90-19₹2100/-
ZAPPER - TL90/100-10₹1075/-
ZAPPER - TT90/100-10₹925/-
ZAPPER FG - TT90/90-12₹850/-
ZAPPER FG - TL90/90-12₹975/-
MOTO D - TT2.75-18₹1475/-
NYLOGRIP ZAPPER FV - TT2.75-18₹1675/-
ZAPPER KURVE-F - TL90/90-18₹1375/-
ZAPPER KURVE-F - TT2.75-18₹1475/-
NYLOGRIP FE - TL90/100-10₹1000/-

MRF Truck Tyres Price list

When we talk about all the MRF Truck tyre products being offered in the market. The most expensive product is MRF HCV Supermiller 99 and the price of this tyre is Rs.16,662. Contrary to this, the lowest priced product is MRF Legend Tube Tyre available at Rs.2,438.

MRF Truck Tyres Price list – ₹2,438/- to ₹16,662/-

Tyre ModelTyre SizeTyre Price
MRF SW99 - TT4.50-12₹3775
MRF S1T4 - TT8.25 R 20₹14601
MRF Rear Zapper C -TT100/90-17₹2790
MRF NDMS 6.00 R16₹4800
MRF Legend - TT5.65-12₹2438
MRF HCV Supermiller 9910.00 R20₹16662

About MRF Car Tyres


MRF originally started as a humble toy balloon shack. It was established by KM Mammen Mappillai in 1946. The m r f tyre price history is truly amazing, which started with an initial investment of Rs. 14000 is now a multi-billion rupee legacy. The company is a well-known and prominent brand in our country. In 1952, it changed its course to the production of rubber, and today it is one of the leading manufacturers of tyres in India. By having more than 50 percent of the market share, the tyre maker led the tread rubber industry in India in 1956. MRF Tyres began exporting top-quality tyres to many dealers abroad in the early 1960s and is now supplying a network of 3000 outlets to more than sixty-five countries.


Since its inception, MRF has won many awards, including the silver award that no other Indian company has ever won. According to a global CSR study conducted a few years ago, the firm is voted the most respected tyre company in India. In addition, it also received many other export prizes. In 2007, it recorded a $1 billion turnover and also launched its first environmentally friendly tyre. The company commissioned the production of radial tyres at its 9th Trichy plant in 2012.

Quality Tyres for all vehicles:

The company is testing its tyres on several roads across the country on which people travel on a regular basis before launching any service. Its tyres are sold only through authorized dealers, ultimately leading to the customers ‘ best after-sales service. Now, you don’t have to look beyond MRF to buy tyres, along with other vehicles, for heavy-duty buses, light trucks, passenger cars, two and three-wheelers. Their quality is found to be exceptional and the price range is comparatively cheaper than their competitors at the same time.

Passenger Car Tyres:

There is a wide range of MRF passenger car tyres. Its exquisite design redefines the style of your car and makes it easier to handle and comfort in class.

Popular Tyre models by MRF:

  • ZVTS
  • VTM
  • Wanderer
  • ZGP
  • Super trekker
  • Legend
  • Estate

MRF tyres are also used for a number of sports cars. We are also involved in the production of rallying tyres, formula cars and motocross. The company’s groundbreaking efforts have also made motorsports popular, whether for karting, motocross, rallying or racing. MRF ranks first in overall consumer satisfaction, according to JD power Asia Pacific 2014, as the company’s products remain in an affordable price range all the time. Upon gaining popularity in the automotive industry, the tyre company began developing the Sukhoi-30 aircraft series for the Indian Air Force.

MRF Tyres Sales Network:

A large number of MRF dealers are located across India and most of its manufacturing units are located in the southern part of the country. Now, the latest news from one of India’s leading tyre manufacturers is that an investment of 1000 crores will be made in a facility near Hyderabad.The company also intends to set up a factory abroad, as production abroad is considered to be very advantageous.

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